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Lloyd Wilkey

The Learning Environment

Lloyd Wilkey is a human relations consultant, an experienced trainer, facilitator, organizer, and coach. He has worked successfully with governmental agencies, school districts, non-profits, law enforcement, and business interests to forge alliances and push for progress.

He creates and conducts leadership seminars, and professional development anti-bias workshops. He has worked with all types of organizations and communities to navigate through conflict and develop strategic plans.
Lloyd is a recognized expert on community/police relations. He facilitates law enforcement training, community dialogues, and engages in activism to advance his concept of Mindful Policing. He advocates for policies and procedures which will result in transparency, accountability, and restorative justice.
Lloyd is a youth program director, coach, and mentor who has built positive relationships with young people, developed youth leadership, encouraged the strengthening of family ties, advocated for fair and equitable treatment in schools and institutions, contributed to reductions in community violence, bullying, crime, truancy, drug abuse, obesity, and other poor health outcomes.
Lloyd Wilkey is a valued faculty member of the Simon Wiesenthal Center-Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles and a National Trainer for the Anti-Defamation League.
Lloyd is a student of multiple disciplines. He is also an accomplished singer, boxer, personal trainer, and security consultant.
To contact Lloyd Wilkey please email him at: You can find him on Facebook at LA Riot Boxing and on  Twitter at “Mindful Policing”

Pamela Cysner

971158_524590477590518_2054924664_nPamela’s work as a trainer, mentor, advisor, advocate for children and youth and social justice issues has been an integral part of who she is and her passion for over 20 years.

Her ability to facilitate dialogue and cross cultural communication as Senior Advisor in UCLA’s SOLE (Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement) Office, Trainer for UCLA’s Intergroup Relations program, National Trainer for the Los Angeles Anti-Defamation League, Athlete Coordinator for Westside Special Olympics and Mentor for Alternatives to Violence Youth Program has left an impact on participants from diverse communities throughout California and beyond.

She possesses a creative approach to curriculum design and implementation with a belief in experiential, hands-on education and an emphasis on developing and supporting the group interactive learning process. This philosophy has contributed to her success as a presenter, facilitator, trainer and consultant to a wide variety of organizations including higher education institutions, school districts, corporations and community based entities.

Pamela notes her key to success has been the ability to develop relationships and learn from all the talented participants she has met throughout her career.

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